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15+ Photos Of RCC Concrete Plinth Beam Under Construction!

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What is a Plinth Beam? The plinth beam is a reinforced concrete beam constructed between the wall and its foundation. A plinth beam is provided to prevent the extension or propagation of cracks from the foundation into the wall above when the foundation suffers from the settlement. Plinth beams distribute the load of the wall over the foundation evenly. Applications of Plinth Beam. 1. It is mandatory to provide plinth beams in areas that

are prone to earthquakes. 2. Construction of a plinth beam above the natural ground is another application of this type of beam. Formwork for Plinth Beam. Formwork used for plinth beam construction should be properly installed and adequately secured prior to concrete placement. The concrete needs to be compacted sufficiently to prevent steel bars from aggressive elements. The strength of plinth beam concrete shall not be smaller than 20MPa.

If concrete is mixed manually, then an extra 20% cement needs to be added to the mixture.

















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