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15+ Photos Of RCC Concrete Plinth Beam Under Construction!

What is a Plinth Beam? The plinth beam is a reinforced concrete beam constructed between the wall and its foundation. A plinth beam is provided to prevent the extension or propagation of cracks from the foundation into the wall above when the foundation suffers from the settlement. Plinth beams distribute …

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16+ DIY BBQ Grill Ideas You Can Build On A Budget

16+ DIY BBQ Grill Ideas that are inexpensive and easy to follow for the summer so that you can enjoy outdoor grilled recipes in your backyard or balcony! Use one of these DIY BBQ island plans to make cooking outside with your grill easier than ever before. You will have …

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20+ Creative Street Design Ideas To Inspire You

Most of the time, I prefer to explore other designers’ work to expand my mind about design tips and tricks, so that’s why today sharing some creative street ideas. Some creative people always try to make the more beautiful surroundings where they live even streets as well, which will an …

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15+ Creative Manhole Cover Designs

Art can be present in the most varied places. Even manhole covers are used when it comes to creativity. At least that’s what these images demonstrate. What would only serve to avoid accidents resulting from uncapped holes gets a little imagination. Some works are worthy of great artists! The photos …

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