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25+ Reasons “You Should Have Hired An Architect

Human creativity knows no bounds though that does not mean every idea that crosses our minds is worthy of implementation. Sure it is hard to deny that taste is a matter of preference what is stylish to one person may look completely threatening to another. But when it comes to …

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12+ Unique Cat Breeds That You Don’t See Every Day

Cats come in all shapes and sizes. They can be hairless and furry wayward and friendly or tender and freedom loving. They are stunning and are a never ending source of fascination and curiosity to those who cherish their companionship. According to the International Cat Association (TICA), there are 73 …

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More Than 20 Times Designers Went a Little Too Far

Good design is like a refrigerator when it works no one notices, but when it does not it sure stinks. This is a quote by Jamian Jolley, UI Designer. We have prepared a whole article for those who still doubt it. Dnewswala has found the most ridiculous design examples that …

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More Than 20 Big Construction Mistakes

Designing is an imperative step in the construction of a building. However controlling the design to ensure that there are no major mistakes of the designer makes it difficult to correct the mistakes when executing the construction site. If it can be fixed it is also very costly and time …

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