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12+ Times People Just Wanna Scream: What Are The Odds

Sometimes the Universe picks us out to witness a special surprise that can happen every once in a million years. And while some people think that these rare occurrences are just simple coincidences others like to read more into them and believe that there is a coded message behind these …

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20+ Designers Who Deserve a Nobel Prize for Creativity

Famous French publicist and advertisement expert Frédéric Beigbeder once said “People don not know what they want until they are offered it.” It is very hard to disagree with this especially when marketers use unusual approaches to attract our attention. Dnewswala has collected more than 20 advertising examples which were …

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12+ Photos That Prove Having a Sibling Is a Game Without Rules

Constant support endless love true friendship reliability and an honest relationship. Sometimes these words are not about brothers and sisters at all. ’S’ can be for for standoff suffering and of course siblings. Dnewswala knows that sisters and brothers really do love each other. But they are always ready to …

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